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Who we are

Ypaelectronic is one of the industry's fastest growing global catalog and online semiconductor and electronic component distributors.
Customer-Oriented Distribution
For the past many years, Ypaelectronic is a company dedicated to supplying design engineers and buyers with the reallocated, obselted and long lead-time, newest products and leading-edge technologies combined with unsurpassed customer service. With a keen focus on design engineers and buyers demandin, Ypaelectronic is redefining customer-focused distribution.
Stocks Updated
Our website searches over millions of products to locate more than million s that are available for easy online purchase. Ypaelectronic adds new products daily and clearly identifies which parts are not recommended for new design or are obsolete. It also features user-friendly tools, such as automatic order confirmation, Ypaelectronic search accelerator and other time-saving features.
Broad Product Line
Ypaelectronic is your one source for all board-level components and associated development tools utilized for total project design. Our broad-based linecard consists of millions of advanced components across the board with each vertical market completely covered. More importantly, we source original obsolete parts, and you can easily sign up to check it online. Design engineers and buyers can have confidence that they're always designing with the electronics available.
Worldwide Customer Service

Ypaelectronic Production Business and Supply Chain Management services are available to help customers get their jobs done and get their products to market quickly and efficiently.Ypaelectronic is unique in many ways that translate into better service for you.

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